I think I have finally realized why I tend to be rather irked/bothered by most explicitly *CHICANO* :

I tend to think of myself as being rather singular and un-pigeon-hole-able [but of course this is naive]. I’ve grown accustomed to feeling like an Other even amongst those that expouse feeling as an Other too. For instance, being at a MEChA meeting once in my first year of college brought this feeling on in waves. The notion that we should be united soley because of ethnic origin I began to see was dubious; what I later came to realize is that ethnic origin as a source of affilitaion is a false/invalid affiliation.

A much more profound and useful association/affiliation I’ve found is that found in equally angry/agitated people you meet every day. Those connections are found in shared emotion/feeling/experience transcend the alienation that can be found even within one’s ethnic group. So when I see someone extrapolating a certain behaviour or action as being “so Mexican” it can really irk me. For instance, hitting your kids with a chancla. I know that this seems to be common, but I was never hit with a chancla nor was any other sort of corporal punishment hurled my way. Does this reduce my Mexican-ness?

This is a can of worms which I’ll  reprise later…soon…